Cebu ✈

There’s a lot to see in Cebu as for the name itself, the Queen City of the South. Cebu City is somehow like Metro Manila where there are lots of cars with heavy amount of traffic everyday and the people who traverse from one place to another. Houses there are in a crowd-mode so if you are a person who would want to relax in a breezy atmosphere and who finds a good place to search for tranquility, Cebu City is not for you. Bridges are everywhere, traffic lights are just around the corners, buildings are popping like pop corns here and there and a lot more to describe a metropolitan. But if you are so used to the horns of the vehicles, noises coming from the people and the smoke combustion, then you won’t be having any problem.

The whole Technology Communication Management (TCM) had a plant tour recently. The itinerary was Bohol and Cebu for 3 days. We’d love to talk about Bohol but I don’t think you’d not be very much interested as much as we do. 😀

Mostly, on almost everywhere we go, food was our greatest companion. Thanks to it, everyone’s tummies where bloating and had this experience of throning oneself in the comfort room. But we’d not like to talk about food but the place where we stayed. So here…

St. Mark Hotel, Cebu


the receiving area of St. Mark Hotel, Cebu


 their kitchen


Junior Suites — some of us had to stay in this kind of place


Free water, coffee, blower (which it was only later we realized there was one), iron, flashlight, vault, etc.


With a bath gel, lotion, shampoo, soap, four towels, four mini towels and four towels for the hair — cool


St. Mark Hotel, Cebu — lovely accommodation, lovely crew, lovely place

They have an iPod deck, radio and an alarm. What’s nice about their crew, they woke us all 24 rooms for the call time. Sweet 🙂

The location of the hotel is very accessible. When we had our night out, we walked through a road (which we forgot the name) where it had KFC, book shop, internet cafe and a KTV Bar. There’s a church right across the hotel too so it’s very perfect for those Catholics to pray. It was near Mango Avenue — where all the fun is. From the hotel to Fuente Circle, it’s also a walking distance but in our case, we had to take the cab because we got lost (haha). 

A video for additional pictures.

For a complete information, Click here

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