My Minimalist New Year’s Resolution

I consider myself living LESS, but I make it sure I live with the best. I’ll try to keep it simple, in a way that my endeavors are enough to leave a little mark in forthcoming years.

This year, I will not spend on decorative items unless it is deemed necessary. And that includes clothing and a hairdo.

Don’t ask me why I’m doing this. I am keeping it simple, okay? I don’t need more stuff to be contented. And when it comes to clothing, I still have my plains of black and white to help me get through another less appreciated year.

I think I’ll just spend my money on treks and unexpected ploys. Food? I’ll just stick to the usual ten-peso viand and single rice. It’s a new thing for me to eat less because I usually bite more than I could chew.

And you may think that I do this because I can’t afford to be extravagant. You’re wrong. I’m just proving it to all that I got what it takes to have less in life, but more to do.

If I can’t do this simple act of resolution, then I proved you right. But I don’t think that it’s going to happen easily, without engaging into a mental fight.

This is just one year of not buying unnecessary things. Come to think of it now, last year was kind of surprising because I survived enjoying less in life. And I can still do it this year.

This is just a guess, but I think some your resolutions this year are kind of off-the-hook.

Some of you want to lose weight.

Some of you want to live with 100 things.

Some of you might have impossible goals that you will still achieve.

Some of you want to get rid of your television.

Some of you want to travel and get in better shape and create more.

Some of you want to quit your job.

Some of you would rather start a revolution than have a resolution.

Whatever you want to do this year. Do it. Pursue your passions. You deserve to do so.

And don’t ask why!Less Resolution, Less Problem

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