Minimalism On My Bowl

Christmas and New Year days are quite mouthful for us since both occasions have a lot of food placed on the table plus the long break from schooling making our tummies store a lot of fats. I personally would want to reduce those flabs and wishes to regain the old tummy I got. As they said, fattening is very much easy yet slimming down is quite difficult to pursue.

This 2013, why not taking a path on lessening those carbs and fats intake. We’ve done a few good researches from variety of food blogs that offer diets for loss of weight and for a healthy lifestyle.

We all know that diet is a pain-in-the-ass but these steps that we searched for are not really into cutting the foods that you want but simply eating less of them. Also, this will benefit you in two ways: living a healthy life and at the same time minimizing your expenses for food.


Oatmeal is very healthy just by looking at the ingredients. There are variety of oatmeal flavors such as Cinnamon, Honey, Blueberries, and others that you may choose from. Some oatmeal products even contain omega 3 which is good for the heart. Oatmeal is affordable and readily available in the market.


“Tom-yum soup (pour hot water over one teaspoon of tom-yum paste) and rice with one umeboshi”

I found this very interesting in one of the comment area in a particular blog. But for me, a Filipino, this is not available and if it is, uncommon and so expensive. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities on Philippines TV networks and mostly they highly prescribe these:

  • Half cup of rice
  • One vegan viand such as Pinakbet (it has meat but only a little), Bas-uy, Tinola, Sinigang Bangus, etc.
  • Fruits

If you do not know these, search them. They perfectly look yummy. :p


Steamed vegetables over rice or even soup over rice. Either way, both are healthy and easy for digestion.

Typically, in the Philippines, my mom would prepare any vegan viand and a cup of rice. Usually, these viands contain a little bit of meat. We are not vegetarians and I admit, I hate vegetables. But for the sake of having a healthy life, I would eat them.

Entirely, those meals should not be paired with carbonated drinks but water. Water is universal and I believe if you are undergoing a complex life on health, water is the fundamental key of prevention and early remedy.

Don’t go for snacks (especially midnight snacks). They are the devil’s way of luring you into obesity. Moreover, add these meals with a daily exercise. There are varieties that you can choose from that can be done at home. Here are a few of them:

If you are wondering why it is all about Candice Swanepoel, it is because she’s my favorite VS Model and I believe VS doesn’t put pressure on their models such as depriving them to eat what they want. They simply train and eat well.

I am a student of dance. So instead of pouring myself into workouts, I use dance as my workout. It is pretty good and replenishing after every dance class. Sweating out is sweet!

So why don’t you jot these things down for 2013? Avoid those heavy tummies and jelly-like triceps. Go for green and go for a healthy life!


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