Fashion in Minimalism

With the cyclical trends today, you see many people walking in the streets wearing the same genre of clothes. Wearing the McQueen’s, Wang’s, Klein’s, Wong’s and others. More or less, there is no room to establish uniqueness with the rise of uniformity in the world of fashion. If a particular celebrity will wear a vintage type of dress, the next thing you will know, everybody is wearing the dress alike. Even those people who follows every single fashion trend and apply it to themselves want to be unique too. It is just that, they are too, thinking in a way that if they fit into the trend, they would still be somehow legitimately unique without considering for a fact that clothes are not manufactured once and only available to one.

However, for those people who cannot merely avail clothes in the fashion market because they are too pricey, they buy those in a secondhand store or in Philippines, it is called ukay-ukay. These clothes are prior owned and sold at a very low price. What is good about this is that, people can wear what celebrities can because of the variety of clothes found in such stores.

Minimalism can never be an expensive art because firstly, it savors only the least kind of stuffs involved. The most prevailing colors are the black, white and gray (though they are to be considered pigments except for the gray).

In, not a plug-in, but a very good site to find whatever you need. We have found some of the classic look of minimalism there! Check out these.

Sh** Kingz --- 2010 and 2011 winner of Body Rock Competition

Sh** Kingz — 2010 and 2011 winner of Body Rock Competition




United Bamboo Pilgrim Dress - Black






Although these clothes are from clothing line such as Kate Spade (red dress above), these can be found in some savvy stores. With minimalism, you can never go wrong. 😉

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  1. Love the quote at the end….

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