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Today, we had a shoot for our next assignment in which we, bloggers, need to somehow market this blog (we had a discussion on Communication Strategy).

We came up with an idea where we’re going to photo shoot two members from our group (who really looks pretty hihi). We did! Unfortunately we cannot post-process all the shots because the camera, when borrowed, was not packaged with a connector to the pc.

So, look for an alternative. 🙂

A few months a go, my sister showed me a very good website on architectural designs with a minimalism as a theme. Here are a few photos in which we have chosen to post.

looks like an Android room



The whole idea of having these slate-themed living, dining, bed rooms and humongous houses is magnificent isn’t it? Though, yeah, they may look expensive but haven’t you noticed that majority of them are pro-space reduction? Designing these kind of stuffs are no easy for an architecture since some have to think eco-friendly, non-space consuming, neat appearance and maybe less in expenses.

Check out their page on Facebook! I Like Minimalism

For this week’s featured video, we have Mr. John Pawson – a British designer associated with a minimalist aesthetic.

For young architects out there, here’s an interview of him on his pieces of advice.

On basic space

On visual inventory

On home

* * *

There are lot of architects out there but we chose John Pawson, not because we want to plug him here, but we like his designs as simple as that.

Draw inspiration from his works, achievements, passion and etc., because all of these will definitely help build goal if you ever wanted to be an architect.

We promise, on our next post, we’ll be marketing ourselves. So stay tuned, follow us and like our posts! 🙂

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